Top Rated Big Handguns

It is becoming increasingly important for people everywhere to take their own self-defense much more seriously. There are a number of real threats that they could face at any time during their lives. Getting big handguns may be the best way that they can ensure their safety. They may be a bit cumbersome, but people can rapidly learn to fire them. There are many advantages that some might not consider when they use these models. Read through to find out what you can expect when you buy some of these guns.

Browning Hill-Power 1911

The Browning Hill-Power 1911 handgun is a large sized model that will feature everything that you need to defend yourself in any situation. It carries a large magazine that is loaded under the bottom of it. It can been easily and quickly reloaded if you find yourself in a difficult situation. It also has a fair degree of firepower that may surprise you out there. You can also get this model with its classic look and have a stylish weapon at your side.

Smith & Wesson .357Smith & Wesson .357

Another model to consider will be the Smith & Wesson .357 handgun. This is a classic style revolver that simply looks impressive and is actually very easy to align properly. You can opt to get either a six or seven shot chamber when you get this handgun. The barrel will provide sufficient strength to fire off several of this considerable rounds. There are many police officers who rely on this weapon as their sidearm when they are on duty. This is because it is simply a reliable weapon that features plenty of stopping power when it needs to.

Glock 17Glock 17

You may also want to take a look at the Glock 17. This is a large handgun, but it is much more light weight than many other models that you might see out on the market. This is considerably advantageous for many people, who might not want to carry around a bulky gun to protect themselves. You will want to take a look at the accuracy of this model as well, it can easily hit a target at quite a distance without any difficulty whatsoever.

Berretta 90-Two

Finally, you will want to consider what the Berretta 90-Two can offer to you. This is a highly sought after handgun that offers everything that you may need to get through any self-defense situation. It does not cut back on the amount of firepower that it delivers in every shot. It also has an impressive magazine size that won’t leave you disappointed.