Professional Help For New Inventors and How Inventors Make Money

In this dynamic era of technology and innovation, countless aspiring inventors strive to turn their ideas into profitable realities. Crafting an invention is half the battle; the other half involves transforming this ingenious concept into a profitable venture. This is precisely where professional help like InventHelp becomes indispensable, and understanding how inventors make money provides crucial insights.

Professional Assistance: InventHelp

New inventors often swim in a sea of creativity but struggle with technicalities like patents, market research, prototype development, and marketing. In such scenarios, professional invention services like InventHelp become pivotal.

InventHelp is a pioneering service that assists new inventors throughout their journey from idea to invention and beyond. Offering resources for patent services, prototype services, and help with marketing your invention idea, InventHelp can be a valuable ally for every budding inventor.

Patent Professionals

Arguably, the most significant step for an inventor is securing a patent to protect their invention. Missteps in this process can lead to legal battles or losing the invention to competitors. InventHelp, through its network, can recommend a patent attorney or agent, enabling new inventors to navigate the prerequisite steps like patent search, patent drafting, application submission, and follow-ups with the USPTO.

Prototype Developers

Turning a mere idea into a tangible, working model requires technical and design expertise. InventHelp can assist inventors in building prototypes, helping fuel their innovation and fine-tuning the model’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Business Consultants

As part of their comprehensive guidance, InventHelp can also help new inventors understand the business side of their invention. This aspect involves understanding target markets, conducting competitive analysis, and developing effective marketing strategies to garner interest around the invention.

How Inventors Make Money

How do inventors get paid? Potential ways to monetize an invention vary based on the inventor’s personal strategy — selling the patent rights, licensing the invention, or launching a start-up.

Selling Patent Rights

In this scenario, the inventor sells their invention outright to another company. The inventor earns money upfront, but it’s typically a one-time deal. It can be advantageous when the inventor wants to move on to a new project quickly.

Licensing the Invention

Licensing involves authorising another company to manufacture and sell the invention in exchange for royalties. The inventor earns passive income over time, freeing them up to focus on further innovation.

Launching a Startup

If the inventor has entrepreneurial aspirations, they might choose to commercialize the invention by starting a business. While this option potentially yields high profits, it requires substantial money, time, and business acumen.

In Conclusion

From a creative idea to a successful venture, new inventors like those assisted by InventHelp, benefit immensely from professional help. Making money as an inventor involves strategic decisions about patents, licensing, or starting a business. By leveraging professional expertise, inventors can navigate tricky pathways, bringing their brilliant ideas to reality and securing financial success.

Gap Photography – Redefining Excellence at Bangkok’s Premier Professional Photo Studio

In the ever-evolving realm of photography, Gap Photography has emerged as a pioneer in professional imaging services, setting up a benchmark for quality, creativity, and innovation in Bangkok. The studio has carved a unique space for itself in the domain of commercial, product, family, fashion, and food photography by masterfully blending technical precision with creative flair. The following is a comprehensive exploration of the myriad reasons why Gap Photography stands as the best professional photo studio in Bangkok.

Adept and Passionate Professionals

Gap Photography boasts a talented team consisting of photographers, image editors, and support staff, each driven by a fervent passion for the art of photography and a resolute commitment to quality. The team is adept at handling various genres and possesses an innate flair for infusing life into images. They are experts in their field and have a deep appreciation for the many complexities of visual storytelling. Gap-Photography ถ่ายรูปราคาดีมาก and with very good quality.

Cutting-Edge Studio Infrastructure

The studio premises at Gap Photography speak volumes about the company’s dedication to its craft. Spanning a generous 44 square meters, the space raises the bar for functionality and state-of-the-art facilities. Equipped with the latest lighting and set designing tools, it provides an inviting environment where photographers can experiment and innovate effortlessly.

Hi-Tech Equipment and Processes

In an industry where technology can make or break the final output, Gap Photography consistently invests in advanced equipment to stay ahead. High-resolution cameras, intricate lighting setups, and powerful image editing software are employed to ensure clients receive work that exceeds expectations. Coupled with a seamless and well-organized workflow, Gap Photography creates an environment that fosters unparalleled efficiency and quality.

Expertise Across Genres

One of the key factors that set Gap Photography apart is its vast expertise across an array of photography genres. Be it intimate family portraiture, food that captivates and entices, or innovative product images that pique interest, the studio excels in visually narrating the distinctive tales of its diverse clientele. This versatility enables Gap Photography to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, making it the ideal choice for clients seeking professional photography services in Bangkok.

Exceptional Customer Service

Gap Photography understands the vitality of effective communication and timely delivery in establishing long-term client relationships. Consequently, the studio prioritizes client satisfaction and cultivates a culture of exceptional customer service. By engaging in open and transparent conversations, Gap Photography ensures that their clients’ visions are captured in the truest sense, creating lasting memories and impactful commercial content.

A Proven Track Record

Gap Photography’s ever-growing portfolio is a testament to the studio’s creativity, expertise, and adaptability. As one delves into the numerous projects successfully realized by the studio, it becomes evident that Gap Photography has remained uncompromising in maintaining its standards of excellence. Their unwavering commitment to delivering inspiring images has earned them the title of the best professional photo studio in Bangkok.

Final Thoughts

Gap Photography is undeniably the premier professional photo studio in Bangkok. Their passionate pursuit of excellence, versatility in genres, cutting-edge infrastructure, and focus on customer satisfaction all contribute to their esteemed reputation. If you are seeking an unparalleled photography experience that denotes technical mastery and creative genius, look no further than Gap Photography.

Embracing New Heights with SAP S4 HANA on Azure

Today’s global business environment predicates adaptability, swift decision-making, and a digital-first approach as key determinants of success. As businesses increasingly turn to technology to help streamline operations and drive growth, a dynamic duo is making its mark: SAP S4 HANA and Microsoft Azure.

Breaking Down The Benefits

SAP S4 HANA is a cutting-edge suite of ERP business applications. Positioned as an enabler of “The Intelligent Enterprise”, it empowers businesses of all sizes to stay competitive in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. With Azure, Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud service, the potential for scalability, cost savings, and innovation within SAP S4 HANA transitions from notable to phenomenal.

Azure’s endless flexibility, durability, and robustness have helped it prove itself as an unparalleled platform for SAP S4 HANA’s powerful business functionalities. The symbiotic relationship between the robust SAP system and the versatile Azure cloud environment is the power duo that modern businesses need.

Real-Time Access to Data

One primary benefit of SAP S4 HANA on Azure is the way it empowers businesses with real-time access to data. This ultimately leads to swift and well-informed decision-making. Azure’s scalable Manage Disks and cost-efficient, high-performing virtual machines enable this, leading to responsive adaptability to the ever-changing waves of the market with minimal to no downtime.

From operational reporting to sophisticated predictive analytics, SAP S4 HANA on Azure unlocks insights that can fundamentally change how a business anticipates its next steps and formulates its strategies.

Seamless Integration and Support

Transitioning SAP S4 HANA to Azure can seem daunting, but Azure’s native integrations and support for a plethora of other SAP solutions make the transition process manageable and seamless. Azure supports SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Hybris, and several other SAP products, creating an integrated ecosystem for efficient operations.

The comprehensive support offered by Microsoft Azure means that businesses can now harmoniously integrate systems in ways that enhance efficiency and productivity without worrying about the complex technological orchestration behind the scenes.

A New Dawn For Enterprises

The integration of SAP S4 HANA in Azure is not just an IT transition. It is the dawn of new possibilities, opening up horizons that were previously untapped. With Azure’s quick data processing capabilities and SAP’s powerful enterprise solutions, businesses can leverage the strengths of both to achieve unparalleled efficiency.

In Conclusion

SAP S4 HANA on Azure represents more than just an evolution in technology; it is the embodiment of the intelligent enterprise. It offers a chance for businesses to redefine their operations and strategies in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. By embracing this powerful pairing, companies are not just equipping themselves for the present and the uncertainties it holds but are also preparing for the exciting possibilities of the future. The combination of SAP S4 HANA and Azure is an investment in tomorrow, promising an exponential surge in growth and competitive advantage.

Why Professional Invention Companies Are a Good Fit for New Inventors

As a new inventor, you’re probably bursting with ingenious ideas, craving to bring them to reality. The journey from conception to the market might be challenging, mainly if you venture alone. This is where professional invention companies come into the picture. They can provide the guidance, resources, and support you need to navigate through the process. Prominent among such companies in the invention industry is InventHelp.

Expert Guidance

Undoubtedly, the first benefit new inventors get from professional invention companies is expert guidance. New inventors can easily get overwhelmed by the complexity of the patent process, not to mention the harsh competitiveness of the market.

Companies like InventHelp offer invaluable direction to new inventors, helping them navigate the intricacies of the industry. InventHelp, for example, has a team of professionals who can guide inventors on design improvements, suitable protection steps, and potential market audiences.

Access to Resources

Getting an invention off the ground requires significant resources, including time, materials, and finances. Professional invention companies often provide inventors with access to resources they may not otherwise afford or even know they need.

InventHelp makes inventors’ ideas tangible by creating prototypes. They maintain a database that allows potential licensees to refer to new products, thereby bridging the gap between inventors and potential investors or licensing firms.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property laws can be complex, and understanding patent filings might be difficult for new inventors. This is another area where professional invention companies’ assistance comes into play.

Companies like InventHelp can help you protect your innovations through patents, trademark registrations, or IP licenses. They have legal experts who grasp the ins and outs of IP law and ensure you’re adequately protected against theft or infringement.

Market Research and Product Placement

Apart from developing an invention, knowing how to market it is equally crucial. Invention companies conduct comprehensive market research to identify potential customers, sales channels, and competition.

Inventors can get marketing assistance from InventHelp as well. InventHelp also collaborates with marketing experts who can steer your invention to the target audience using optimal strategies. They facilitate the introduction of new products to potential licensees and offer trade show services to maximize exposure.

Save Time and Money

Collaborating with established invention companies can save new inventors time and money. Instead of venturing into unknown territories alone, inventors can rely on invention companies’ experience and resources, thus expediting time to market.

With InventHelp, you can avoid costly mistakes and drawn-out processes. Their professional support reduces the chances of expensive trial-and-error, promoting a more efficient path to success.

Why InventHelp

How big and reputable is InventHelp? InventHelp has been helping inventors since 1984, making it one of the oldest and largest invention companies in North America. InventHelp provides a wide range of services to support your invention from ideation through commercialization. They have over 30 years of experience in the field and have helped inventors get patents for their creations in over 80 countries.


For those bursting with ideas and passion but struggling to navigate the world of patents, prototypes, and product placements, professional invention companies such as InventHelp offer an indispensable lifeline. They provide expert guidance, access to crucial resources, IP protection, market research, and product placement, while saving time and money for the inventors. All these benefits put you on a faster, smoother path to turning your vision into a tangible, marketable product.

Understanding the Role of Invention Assistance Companies

When it comes to successfully patenting your novel invention idea, the role of invention assistance companies becomes paramount. These companies provide a comprehensive range of services, from guiding you through the patenting process to offering marketing support. So, if you ask who can help patent my invention, one effective and trusted company is InventHelp.

Unraveling the Complexities of the Patent Process

The patent process can be complex and intimidating for many inventors, particularly those navigating it for the first time. InventHelp, with several decades of experience in the field, has dedicated patent professionals who guide inventors through each step of this process. They provide the necessary information, resources, and support, ensuring a smooth journey from idea conception to acquiring a patent.

Idea Validation, an Essential First Step

One of the first steps in your invention journey is validating your idea. InventHelp helps in scrutinizing the practicality, originality, and marketability of invention ideas. This vetting process is crucial to prevent the wastage of resources on an idea that may already exist or lack profitability.

From Idea to Prototype

InventHelp aids in the critical phase of transforming a conceptual idea into a functional prototype. They house skilled artists and engineers who can illustrate or develop a prototype of your invention, thus contributing significantly to your patent application. A detailed, practical prototype can impressively demonstrate the novelty and functionality of your invention, strengthening your patent claims.

Extensive Patent Search

Conducting an exhaustive patent search is an integral part of the patenting process. InventHelp undertakes this crucial responsibility by examining patent databases, searching for any conflicting patents. This preliminary search can help mitigate future risks of patent infringement.

Expert Legal Advice

Deciphering the legal technicalities of patent application filing can be challenging. InventHelp provides access to independent patent attorneys who can offer expert advice, ensuring that your patent application aligns with the prevailing patenting laws and guidelines.


In conclusion, an experienced invention assistance company like InventHelp can greatly facilitate the patenting of your new invention idea. From validating your idea and guiding you through the patent process to turning your idea into a tangible prototype, such a company is a reliable ally in your invention journey.

Video Conferencing vs Video Call

Video communication has become a fundamental tool in the age of technology, bringing people together, no matter their geographical location. Although the terms ‘video conferencing’ and ‘video call’ are used interchangeably, subtle differences distinguish them.

Video Call

A video call is a one-on-one visual communication session between two users. It is much similar to a traditional phone call, but with the addition of video. Users can both hear and see each other in real time, bringing a more personal touch to remote communication. Video calling is generally used for casual, personal, or informal professional interactions.

Simplicity: Video call systems usually have a simple, user-friendly interface. A user can quickly make a video call with just a touch of a button.

Limited Participants: Video calls are generally between two users and not meant for larger groups.

Non-collaborative: Unlike video conferencing, video calls do not often come with many additional features such as screen sharing or file sharing.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is similar to video calling but designed primarily for business and professional usage involving multiple participants. It provides a variety of features that make virtual meetings resemble in-person ones.

Multiple Users: Video conferencing systems allow multiple users to join. Some systems can support hundreds or even thousands of participants, making it ideal for big corporations or remote events.

Collaboration Tools: These systems come with advanced capabilities, such as file sharing, screen sharing, team chats, virtual whiteboards and many more. These tools make collaboration much easier among remotely located teams.

Meeting tools: Features such as meeting recording, schedule meetings, muting participants, and controlling attendees’ interaction during the meeting are generally available in video conferencing systems.

Integration: Video conferencing software often integrates with other productivity tools or CRM systems used by organizations.

Security: They offer robust security measures to protect the sensitive information shared during meetings.

Popular Video Conferencing Software

Zoom: Zoom is widely popular for its ease of use, reliability and feature-rich platform, including screen sharing, breakout rooms, and meeting recording.

Microsoft Teams: An essential part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Teams offers seamless integration with other Microsoft products and a comprehensive video conferencing solution with chat and collaboration tools.

Stork: Stork AI is a personal video conferencing platform that makes it easy for organizations to set up meetings in a matter of minutes. Stork video conferencing software offers features such as screen sharing, video recording and meeting summarizing.

Google Meet: Integrated with Google Workspace, Google Meet provides a lightweight and easy-to-use solution for video conferencing with real-time collaboration tools and screen sharing features.

GoToMeeting: GoToMeeting is a professional video conferencing tool with a simple interface, HD video, screen sharing, and support for up to 250 participants.

In Conclusion

While both video calling and video conferencing serve the same basic purpose of connecting people visually, the difference lies in their scope and usage. While video calls are more personal and casual, video conferencing is essential for businesses supporting team collaboration and large meetings. Depending on your particular needs, either of these two methods can be beneficial. As remote work and communication evolves, having familiarity with these technologies is an advantageous skill.

Bringing an Invention to Life and the Importance of Patenting

Creating an invention is a fusion of imagination, creativity, and practicality. Transforming an idea into a functional product requires a multi-level approach. This guide will walk you through the steps to actualize your invention and discuss the importance of patenting.

If you wander how to bring an invention to life, here are some tips that will help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Idea Development

  • Every invention starts with an idea.
  • Identify a problem that needs solving.
  • Brainstorm solutions to the problem.
  • Sketch out your invention, focusing on its functionality and design.
  • Research to see if your invention already exists.

Step 2: Prototype Development

  • Once your idea is concrete, create a prototype.
  • Choose materials suited to the functionalities of your invention.
  • Build a model. This can be a 3D-printed layout, a virtual model, or a handcrafted mock-up.
  • Test and refine the prototype.

Step 3: Market Research

  • Before investing in large-scale manufacturing, ensure there’s a market for your product.
  • Identify your target customers and study their needs and wants.
  • Research your competition and market trends.
  • Survey potential customers and gauge interest in your invention.

Step 4: Manufacturing

  • Following successful market research, move into production.
  • Identify potential manufacturers.
  • Obtain quotes and assess feasibility.
  • Choose a manufacturer and start producing your invention on a small scale initially.

Step 5: Launch

  • Now, it’s time to introduce your product to the market.
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan.
  • Use both online and offline channels to promote your product.
  • Collect feedback from early users to refine your product.

Patenting: An Essential Measure

Patenting is a crucial aspect of bringing an invention to life. Here’s why:

Protects Your Rights

A patent safeguards your invention from being commercialized by others without your permission. It’s a legal means to maintain exclusivity.

Enhances Credibility

A patent enhances your invention’s credibility in the market. Consumers often trust patented products more owing to the lengthy and comprehensive vetting process patents require.

Helps in Securing Financing

Having a patent can be a significant asset when seeking funding or investment. Investors are likely to view patented inventions as less risky and more promising.

Increases Market Value

Patents can significantly increase the market value of your product. They can be licensed or sold, generating additional income.

To conclude, bringing an invention to life is a complex process requiring creativity, research, and planning. Equally important is securing a patent to protect, enhance, and capitalize on your invention. Although obtaining a patent can be a long and arduous process, its benefits make it an inescapable path for inventors.

Now that you know what are patents, let’s see what happens if you don’t patent your invention ideas? If you don’t protect your idea with a patent, anyone can take advantage of it. They won’t have to pay you or give you credit for the invention. In addition, if someone else has already patented your idea, your application will be rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


Patenting new inventions is crucial in order to protect inventors’ rights, incentivize innovation, and enrich the global marketplace with groundbreaking products and services. By fostering a thriving ecosystem of technological advancements and creative solutions, patents empower inventors to push boundaries and strive for even greater achievements.

How Do Inventors Come Up With Ideas For New Inventions?

Inventions have the power to change the world and make people’s lives easier. But how to come up with invention ideas? Here are some common ways that people generate ideas for inventions:

Identifying a Need

One of the most common ways that people come up with ideas for inventions is by identifying a need. This could be a gap in the market or an existing product that could be improved upon. By identifying a need, people can create solutions that make people’s lives easier.

Solving a Problem

Inventing something often involves solving a problem or addressing a need. This requires strong problem-solving skills and the ability to identify and address challenges. By solving a problem, people can create products that have a real impact on the world.

Improving an Existing Product

Another way that people come up with ideas for inventions is by improving an existing product. This could involve adding new features, making the product more efficient, or making it more user-friendly. By improving an existing product, people can create something that is more useful and appealing to consumers.

Combining Ideas

Sometimes people come up with ideas for inventions by combining two or more existing ideas. This could involve taking features from different products and combining them into a new product. By combining ideas, people can create something that is unique and innovative.

Creative Inspiration

Finally, some people come up with ideas for inventions through creative inspiration. This could involve brainstorming, daydreaming, or simply letting their minds wander. By tapping into their creativity, people can come up with ideas that are truly original and groundbreaking.

If you have an idea for an invention and you’re not sure where to start, it can be helpful to consult with a professional invention company like InventHelp. InventHelp is a company that helps inventors bring their ideas to life. They have an extensive network of experts who can help you find funding, build prototypes, and market your products.


People come up with ideas for inventions in a variety of ways. By identifying a need, solving a problem, improving an existing product, combining ideas, or tapping into their creativity, people can create products that have a real impact on the world. InventHelp is one of the best companies for inventors to consult with when developing new products. They have a long history of helping people bring their ideas to life and make them profitable.

Unlocking Your Inventive Potential: How Professional Assistance Companies Empower New Inventors

Every inventor has the potential to create something extraordinary, but many struggle to navigate the complex world of patents, intellectual property, and marketing. This is where professional invention assistance companies, such as Invent Help, come into play. These companies provide crucial guidance and support to help new inventors bring their ideas to life, ensuring that their innovations have the best chance of success.

The Role of Invention Assistance Companies

Invention assistance companies, such as Invent Help, are designed to help new inventors take their ideas from concept to reality. They offer a range of services, such as research, prototype development, patent support, intellectual property protection, and marketing assistance. By providing expert guidance at every stage of the invention process, these companies help to streamline the path to success, increasing the likelihood that a new invention will make a lasting impact.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Professional

Collaborating with Invent Help, a professional invention assistance company offers numerous advantages for new inventors. First and foremost, these companies possess the expertise and knowledge needed to identify potential pitfalls and challenges, allowing inventors to avoid costly mistakes. Additionally, partnering with a professional provides access to a network of industry contacts, which can be invaluable when it comes to securing funding and commercializing a product. Finally, invention assistance companies can help inventors develop a comprehensive strategy for success, ensuring that they have a clear plan in place before moving forward.

How These Companies Help with Patenting and Protecting Intellectual Property

One of the most critical aspects of bringing a new invention to life is securing the necessary patents and protecting the intellectual property associated with the idea. Invention assistance companies have extensive experience navigating the patent application process, guiding inventors through each step to ensure their idea is protected.

Marketing and Commercialization Support

Once an invention is patented and protected, the next challenge is marketing the product and finding the right commercialization opportunities. Invention assistance companies, like InventHelp, can provide invaluable support in this area, offering personalized marketing strategies tailored to the specific needs of the inventor and their product. These companies can also help connect inventors with potential investors and partners, opening doors to funding and commercial opportunities that may have otherwise been inaccessible.


Bringing a new invention to life can be a daunting task, but with the support of a professional invention assistance company, like InventHelp, new inventors can unlock their full potential. By offering guidance through every stage of the invention process, these companies empower inventors to make their mark on the world, ensuring that their ideas don’t just remain dreams but become reality.

Difference Between Budget, Mid-Range and High-End Gaming Laptops

When shopping for the perfect gaming laptop, it’s important to know the difference between budget, mid-range, and high-end gaming laptops. Budget laptops are great for those who don’t have the budget to invest in a more expensive gaming laptop, while mid-range laptops are great for those who may not have the budget for a high-end laptop but still want a great gaming experience. High-end gaming laptops, on the other hand, are the perfect choice for those looking for the best performance and features for their gaming laptop.

Budget Gaming Laptops

Budget gaming laptops are great for those who may not have the budget to invest in a more expensive gaming laptop. These laptops tend to have lower specs than mid-range and high-end laptops, but can still provide a great gaming experience. They may not be able to handle the most demanding games, but they are still great for those looking for a good gaming experience on a budget.

Mid-Range Gaming Laptops

Mid-range gaming laptops provide a great balance between budget laptops and high-end laptops. They tend to have more powerful specs than budget laptops, but are still more affordable than high-end laptops. These laptops can handle more demanding games and provide a great gaming experience.

High-End Gaming Laptops

High-end gaming laptops provide the best performance and features for gaming. They tend to have the most powerful specs and the most advanced features, such as high-resolution displays, powerful processors, and more. These laptops are the perfect choice for those looking for the best gaming experience.

Do You Need To Buy An Expensive Laptop For Gaming?

No, a gaming laptop does not need to be expensive. There are many affordable options available that provide excellent performance at a lower price point. The key is finding the right combination of specs, features and price for your needs. For example, you can find a great gaming laptop under $700 that offers all the specs and features you need for gaming. And if you’re willing to spend more money, there are plenty of high-end laptops that offer even better performance at a higher price point.


No matter what your budget or needs are, there is a gaming laptop that can meet them. Budget laptops are great for those who don’t have the budget to invest in a more expensive gaming laptop, mid-range laptops are great for those who want a great gaming experience but still have a tighter budget, and high-end laptops are the perfect choice for those looking for the best performance and features for their gaming laptop.