The Three Point Hitch and What it Does

The three point hitch is on the rear of the tractor and it is used to attach equipment to the tractor. Some equipment that you might use are; rear blade, box blade, finish mower, stalk cutter, post hole digger, or back hoe. It is called a three point because it uses three attaching points or arms to connect to the tractor. There are two lower arms and one top arm. The two lower arms are what levels the equipment side to side and the top arm levels the equipment front to rear.

The common sizes of three point hitches are Category 0 normally used on subcompact tractors, Category 1 normally used on compact tractors to 50 horsepower, and Category 2 normally used on utility tractors 40 horsepower and up. There are larger sizes also, but are only on large farm tractors.

The difference in categories is in the sizes of the mounting pins. Cat 0 has a top pin of 5/8” diameter, lower pins of 5/8” diameter, and a width of 20” between the lower pins. Cat 1 has a top pin of 3/4” diameter, lower pins of 7/8” diameter and a width of 26” between the lower pins. Cat 2 has a top pin of 1”, lower pins of 1 1/8”, and a width of 32” between the lower pins.

The best place to search for a 3 point quick hitch is the internet from online shops, such as the Landroverbar, where you can choose from different types and brands. There have been many different styles of mounting equipment to tractors depending on the brand and how old the tractor is, but these are now the industry standards for three point hitches.