Roller Shutters

Hospitals, warehouses, shops and offices will employ roller shutters for an added layer of security when the building is left empty and overnight closure.

Roller shutters can be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses to suit application,  metal depths vary from around 0.5mm to 2mm gauges. Galvanized steel roller shutters offer the best security and can be coated in plastic colored material for finer finishes and powdered coating. Most manufacturers offer a range of colors which will suit the location and surroundings of the shutters, and RAL colors will often be implemented as the default metallic coloring system.

Lets not forget one of the fundamental buying decisions with roller shutters, which is the mechanization for opening and closing shutters. Electric roller shutters are by far the easiest to utilize, and a solid system should be invested in. The operation should be smooth and secure with close fitting and quality fixtures.

Having secure locking systems will naturally extend the protection your roller shutters offer and ensure the integrity of security. Having rusted old locks will not help even if your roller shutter system is high quality.

So, in summary the main considerations for roller shutters is to find a supplier who will recommend the right thickness of steel for your particular application. Decide whether the size and position warrants using a mechanized opening system. Choose a roller shutter which will allow you to finish the shutters in powder coated or other durable finishes, and ideally pick a color which enhances the appearance of the shutters. Pick high quality locking mechanisms for long term benefits, and don’t forget to consider the retracted size of the rolled metal when in the closed position, as the size of these can vary and may be too large depending on the available space.