Regular Grooming Is Important

Pure love and a healthy diet aren’t enough to keep your dog in top condition. Grooming is as important to your dog’s overall health and a sure-fire way to keep him happy. Dog grooming isn’t about strange haircuts and fancy dress outfits that you may often observe at a dog show. Neither is it only exclusively for show dogs.

Every breed needs regular grooming although the intensity, frequency and techniques differ for short haired and long haired breeds. The major objective of dog grooming is to ensure that your dog remains clean, healthy, and free from any skin and ear diseases.  there are two options when it comes to grooming in Orlando. You can take your dog to the grooming salon or you could call the mobile pet groomers Orlando, who will come to your home. In addition, it does much as a confidence booster while your dog is sure to remain as active as ever.

What lies beneath?

For short haired breeds, a regular bath and inspection of the ears, eyes, teeth, nails, and tail are the essential elements of grooming. However, long haired breeds need much closer attention with regular brushing and haircuts. A dog with long hair is much more difficult to keep clean and free from ticks and fleas which find a great hiding ground under the coat. There may also be injuries that could be difficult to spot. Therefore, it is always advisable, no matter what breed you may have, to groom him frequently, which includes a few trips to a professional dog groomer as well.

Avoid medical problems

Every time your dog is groomed you reduce the potential of the development of any skin infections and other ailments. This is the time to examine for injuries and determine an appropriate course of treatment. Very often, a long haired dog could end up suffering with a skin disease in the absence of regular grooming. In addition, there is always the danger of ticks and fleas transmitting diseases to humans as well. Ringworm can affect your dog’s skin and hair. Besides, it is also contagious and easily spreads to humans.