Outdoor Wedding Ideas For A Perfect Wedding

Having a wedding of your dreams is one of the best thing that will happen in anyone’s life. You want it to be unforgettable, blissful and perfect.

Outdoor wedding is a little bit tricky to plan than a typical indoor wedding. To make it a success, careful planning is crucial as well as considering and having solutions in for possible problems and pitfalls. There are several things you need to consider in an outdoor wedding.

1. Location

Pick a quiet location with a good scenic view full of nature’s natural beauty. A garden wedding or a lakeside wedding would be a good choice. Outdoor wedding decorating ideas shouldn’t be too hard to plan as nature already played its part. Survey the whole area, assess what problems could come up and find ways to fix them. Consider to rent the furniture as well. There are a lot of professional Wedding Hire Perth companies to choose from. You should also consider parking area for the guests.

2. Weather

You cannot control weather, better safe than sorry. Design your venue in a way that will protect you and your guests just in case rain suddenly pour. It would be ideal that there is an indoor location too. If it’s not possible, then have a tent or canopy ready. You should also think of outdoor decoration ideas that will work in all possible kinds of weather during the ceremony.

3. Consider your guests

Outdoor wedding ceremony ideas for a perfect wedding should be for everybody. Include the comfort of your guests when planning for the venue’s design. Is there enough space for everybody? Are there any shade to keep them from the heat? How about the insects, mosquitoes and bugs? Have you done something about it? Place a bug zappers strategically into the location would help. Your guest would appreciate if you inform them that they are attending an outdoor wedding.

4. Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget

Having a low budget doesn’t mean a cheap outdoor wedding. List all the things that you need. Find different suppliers then choose. Be creative. Create your own invitations and thank you cards to save money. Use natural designs related to you theme like dried roses if you’re on a garden wedding. Although this may require longer planning and preparation. Keeping your wedding expenses down is important if you are on a tight budget.

5. Time of the year

If you want outdoor wedding, plan to choose the time of the year to get married. If you want a beach wedding, summer is usually the best time of the year. If you want garden wedding, then spring is a good choice.

6. Food

It is important that you choose to serve food that suit the time of the wedding. During summer, try serving refreshing foods and beverages such as pineapple, strawberry and watermelon.

Outdoor wedding should be as fan and romantic as indoor wedding. With lots of outdoor wedding ideas to choose from, it will surely be a day worth remembering.