Initial Patent Stages

Congratulations on your patentable idea! Before you submit the product or idea you have worked so hard on, Stop! Initial stages are crucial stages. Build a good foundation by applying for protection, no matter how small as you can read from

Did you know that mailing your documents and inventions to yourself provides no protection at all? At least mail a description of your invention to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They charge a $5 fee. This however does not constitute proof of your invention. Regardless of that, some proof is better than no proof.

If you want added protection, record all your activities in a bound book that has sewn pages. Have a professional witness and sign and date that they understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

To get even more protection, we recommend the following:

Have you filed for a Provisional Patent Application? The higher fee will protect your invention and give you up to a year to further develop it, and find a market for your invention or product.

We recommend you send in your Provisional Patent Application with:

All the requirements of a Non-Provisional Patent Application, including the patent specification and at least one Claim.

Next, get help with marketing your product or invention immediately you mail in your Provisional Patent Application, unless you do not want to market it at all. There are companies like InventHelp that can help you out as you can see from this Invent Help review.

Before you mail in your submission: Please keep an accurate record of your invention activities.