Hamster Name Ideas

A name. You’re given it before you’re born. A name has a literal and intrinsic meaning, and in most cases is gender specific. Naming someone is the first critical step in starting a relationship with someone; it sets the precedent for the remainder of the relationship. A lot of careful thought went into picking your name; your teddy bear hamster deserves the same respect. The name you choose will be theirs for the remainder of their, so it is important that you Love the name you give them.

I suggest that you let your hamster be “nameless” the first few days you own them. During this time, watch and observe them. See if any names jump out at you. There are a few different methods to animal name selection.

The first one is: a name that you really like, such as Michael, Chad, Sophie, or Casey. Names in this category could be in memory of a lost relative, or a girl/boyfriend, or your favorite baby names. These names though are not very creative. Preferably if you are going to choose a person-like name for your hamster, pick something unique. A name that not many people have like: Alfonzo, Mila, Lucy, or Pedro. All of these names are pretty uncommon, but still offer give a sense of humanness to your hamster.

Another way to generate names is to observe how your teddy bear hamsters act. Watch closely and if your hammy jumps a lot a great name could be: Hops, Skip, Hoppity, or Jumpy. Or perhaps your hamster is a golden color, you could name it: Goldie, Goldie Locks, or Honey.

Personally, I enjoy this last category the most. I have named my last few hamsters: Cocoa, Little Bear, and Honey Bear all because of their appearance. Cocoa was a dark chocolate brown. Little Bear’s breed is a Teddy Bear Hamster, she reminded me of a little bear with her black fur that is where her namesake comes from. Finally, Honey Bear is golden and white; she looks like the color of honey.

Hamster names are a great way to show your creativity, and observation skills to the world. Names can be of people you know, names you like, idiosyncrasies they have, or the way they look. The list of unique hamster names is limitless! Just make sure whatever name you choose, you love because this is the name your hamster will respond to for its whole life.

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