Cute Dog Names

Choosing a name for your little puppy is like choosing the name for a newborn, this name will identify your puppy for the rest of its life. In fact, once your dog gets to recognize its name, you will not be able to change it. The name of the dog will be essential on its education and training, once the dog understands that you are calling its name; it will answer to your call.

However it is not because of a special meaning of the name from the perspective of your dog, but we can always allow ourselves to choose a meaningful name (for us) as long as we consider the most important rule which is the following:

A name of two syllables at most is important, in this way it will be easier for your dog to understand it and recognize it given the tone of your voice.

Names based on the appearance and behavior of your dog

The most distinctive features graceful body or your pet can give clues to choosing a name. The dog may have long ears, a patch over his eyes like a mask or frizzy hair. Of these characteristics could lead to nicknames like “ears”, “bandit” or “rollers”. There are many variations to these same qualities and other diverse. Watch your dog carefully to discover them.

In addition to their physical characteristics, the dogs usually have original behaviors that define them. Some may be jumping, some sleepers and other playful. You can choose a name for your dog Based on their characteristics. Sure to find a witty and funny term for your pet if you see their ways or attitudes more frequent.

Mythological and astronomical names

Mythology can be a rich source for choosing a name for your dog. Apollo, Zeus, Diana and Aphrodite could give it a classic and sophisticated look to your dog if it is of great size. If it is small, the name of an ancient deity will be funny and original. The moon, sun and some planets can also be an innovative use for naming your faithful friend.

Names found on films and literature

You can also appeal to your favorite stories or movies if you want to choose a name for your dog. For example Puck, Oberon and Titania, characters from “The Dream of a Summer Night” by William Shakespeare, have named many dogs. In film we can find even dogs who take the famous name, like Lassie, who starred in a popular series and some films, or Zero, the friendly ghost dog “The Nightmare before Christmas.”

Classic names

Surely we’ve all known a friendly dog named Sparkle, Fido or Rufus. Many of the more common variants of these names also correspond to the physical appearance of the animal. Although common, these traditional names are still so widely used and not lose their grace and charm.

Everybody wants to keep a dog and name him the best. Many dogs and pups are named after the owner’s favorite car. To choose a name for your dog you can also use some of the exotic car names for dogs like Porsche, Bugatti or McLaren.