Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab is a very important step in breaking the cycle of drinking. There are both in house programs and outpatient treatments available in Connecticut. With an in house program the person is there for at least 30 days. Most of the successful alcohol detox Connecticut programs though last at least 90 days.

Outpatient treatment programs are often for those that are working or have a family to care for. They will attend classes during the day or evening and then go back home at the end of the day. However, it is harder for them to ignore the influences out there that can result in them taking to drinking alcohol again.

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Today you will find that there are alcohol rehab programs for people of all ages. Sadly, teenage addiction is very high in our society.

Breaking the cycle of being dependent upon alcohol is hard for someone to do on their own. With the right treatment program though a person can learn new behaviors that take the place of drinking. It can also help a person to get to the core of reasons why they drink through either group or individual counseling programs.

Dealing with both sides of the issue is extremely important. This is because alcohol is an addiction that affects people both physically and psychologically. An effective alcohol rehab program works in both of these areas to help each person achieve the highest possible level of success.

There are generally three key levels in any alcohol rehab program. The first part is the assessment and the detoxification process. This is where the person is evaluated both physically and mentally. They are removed from access to alcohol and the body has to be monitored for side effects. Helping a person through the detox process can help reduce the chances of them reaching for a drink.

Counseling and working to identify triggers is the next level. It can take a while for some people to open up and to accept their responsibility in regards to consuming alcohol. The aftercare is essential as well because the temptation to drink again will emerge. Being able to conquer it requires support, self confidence, and reducing stress.

Of course alcohol rehab is the beginning of the process, and not the end of it. Through such a program a person can get through the detox period. They can also start to identify what triggers their drinking. By replacing that activity with others that are healthier, a full recovery can take place.