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The Invention Patent Process

You are a budding inventor who has come up with a brilliant idea. If it is bothering you that someone else may walk away with your idea, or whether your idea is innovative at all or not, or how to get a patent for your idea or invention, some background information about invention patents would be useful for you. Firstly, invention patents are available at the US Patent office. You could visit their website to access all the information you need for obtaining an invention patent and the procedures to be followed to file a patent. You could download the information relevant to your invention and file the patent application online.

It is important to understand that everyone who has a brilliant idea can obtain patent for their ideas or inventions. In case some one else has already created your invention, or your invention happens to be an improvement of someone else’s already-patented invention, it is not possible to patent your own invention. You could do a patent search, to check whether your idea has already been patented or not.

If your invention or idea meets with all the eligibility criteria of patenting, then you are ready to file a patent. You could do this yourself, or get help for your invention from a patent agent or patent attorney, who will be your legal representative through out the process of invention patent. These attorneys or agents are easily accessible, but you have to make sure that you fall in right hands. They are expensive and you have to be ready with the fees which are needed to file a patent.

design invention

There are basically three types of invention patents: utility, design and plant. Each of these patents has different areas of applications. Along with the requisite fees, your invention patent application should include the name of the inventor, a brief description of the invention, what it does and how it does, drawings, testimonials and other relevant information about the invention. Your patent application will then be reviewed and searched again, to check whether it is unique or not. If you invention is found suitable, you might be granted a patent for your invention. In case you are not awarded with a patent, you could place your arguments and try to file it again.

After you have been awarded a patent for your invention, you could approach the Invention Development Organization (IDO) who can offer help in the marketing of your idea or invention. They also take responsibility of protecting your invention from plagiarism and theft.

For your information, there are over 350,000 patent applications which the US patent office receives every year. This will explain why it takes a while for any patent application to be processed and finally granted. You have to practice patience and hold on to your beliefs and the brilliance of your idea or invention. Chances are that you will get a patent which if marketed well, might make you a millionaire in the shortest time possible as you can see from helpful videos for inventors on YouTube as well.

Types Of Vegetarianism

Most people conceive vegetarians to be a homogenous cluster of people, who do not eat meat, but this is very far from the truth. A lot of different types of vegetarians exist and the categories are influenced by the reason the people went vegetarian.

The basic definition of a vegetarian is, a person who doesn’t eat meat. But a vegetarian could, possibly, consume other animal products such as cheese, butter, eggs and milk. The lacto-ovo vegetarian has milk, butter, eggs and other diary products but doesn’t consume meat, poultry or fish. Someone who doesn’t eat eggs, but consumes dairy products is called a lacto vegetarian.

A person who doesn’t eat any animal product or its by-product, like dairy products, is called a vegan. Their diet only consists of legumes, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. They also shun other animal products like leather, fur etc. One peculiar thing that a vegan doesn’t eat is white sugar, because it is supposed to be processed from a substance, derived from the bones of animals, that is responsible for the white color of sugar.

There are a lot of different categories in the vegetarian community. The fruitarians only eat fruits, seeds and nuts. They believe that fruits are self-perpetuating, and they are not required to be planted to derive the food source. This way of eating, according to them, is most balanced with the earth and is also more natural.

Almost all the above communities readily eat cooked fruits, legumes and vegetables. There is a growing rationale that eating raw or uncooked food is better for the nutritive sake. This belief is based on the presumption that, when the food is cooked it loses most of it nutrients, and to get the full potential nutritive value, say vitamins and proteins from food, it should be consumed raw, or juiced, If it should be cooked then it, should not be cooked at a temperature over 100 degrees, so that the nutrients are not lost.

If you’re on a restrictive diet, then you must make sure you’re getting all the necessary proteins, vitamins, mineral, carbohydrates and fats that are required to maintain good health of the heart and muscles. There are plant based meat products as well to use as a meat alternative. Eat a balanced vegetarian diet.

What is a STD?

A STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. There are currently more than 30 types of STDs, among the more common: herpes, genital hepatitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis.

HIV (Human Immunity-deficiency Virus) is the best-known.

The STDs are more frequently found in youths and sexually-active individuals between the ages of 15-24 years.

How Can You Prevent Contagion From a STD?

  • Using a preservative or latex condom is the most recommended and best-known method.
  • Avoiding multiple sexual partners.
  • If you have decided to have unprotected sex with your partner, you should take some tests to eliminate the possibility of STD contagion and to protect your health.
  • Given that some STDs may be transmitted through contact with infected skin (herpes) or through oral sex (human papilloma virus), casual sexual encounters must be avoided.

What are the Consequences of a STD in Your Health?

In women, non-detected and untimely-treated STDs can produce inflammatory pelvic disease, infertility and uterus cancer.

In case of hepatitis the liver can be permanently damaged.

Other diseases, like syphilis, can produce heart conditions and blindness.

Unless proper care occurs, in time chronic aches and infertility may develop.

An early diagnosis and antiretroviral therapy treatment largely helps to prolong life expectations in patients with HIV. Hence, a timely at Home STD Testing offers huge benefits regarding STD treatment and control.

There are currently simple and fast STD Tests to do STD Testing at Home that can comfort and inform you about your health.